We Are Dead Serious
About Helping You Generate Side Income

We have 7 Years Of Experience In Detergent Manufacturing Field

Because of that, we would like to share our quality products to the world using Business To Consumer (B2C) via distributor (DC), stockist (SB) and agent (KE).


Distribution Centre

  • Representative for HQ on authorized location. (Ex : Shah Alam - Only you are authorized to supply Kazaza products all over Shah Alam because you are the license holder)
  • Big amount of budget for business start up
  • Supply products to SB
  • Promotes product.
  • For those who are really serious into business line.
  • Profit Margin : 25%

SMART Branch

  • Representative for DC
  • Needs a fair amount of budget to start up business
  • Finds agent under them. Maximum 10 agent for each SB.
  • Promote and sell products.
  • For those who have money and wanted to start business as a main or semi-main job. For those who wanted to generate better side income.
  • Profit Margin : 20%

Kazaza Entrepreneur

  • Representative for SB
  • Just a small budget needed to start up business
  • Promote and sell products according to the price list given.
  • The more you commit to sell, the more profit you will gain.
  • An opportunity to become a factory owner.
  • Suitable for students, housewives, startup entrepreneur and for those who wanted to generate side income.
  • Profit Margin : 15%

How Much Income Can We Generate From This Opportunity?

The table below shows how much side income can you generate monthly (with full commitment) :

Distribution Centre (DC)

RM 100K - 500K / month
  • Money Back Guarantee (MBG) *Terms & Conditions

Kazaza Entrepreneur (KE)

RM 2,500 - 5,000 / month
  • Money Back Guarantee (MBG) *Terms & Conditions

SMART Branch (SB)

RM 10,000 - 35,000 / month
  • Money Back Guarantee (MBG) *Terms & Conditions

The side income may be vary depending on your commitment towards the business. This is not MLM (Multi Level Marketing), as it emphasizes more on SLM (Single Level Marketing). The more you do, the more you get.

Statistics So Far...

Distribution Centre (DC)

SMART Branch (SB)

Kazaza Entrepreneur (KE)

If you become DC, SB or KE, the most important thing to have is commitment and discipline to ensure your business runs well.

God Willing, your business will become prosper from time to time.

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